Survial Game

What is survival game?

Survival game: in this game every player has a rifle powered by powerful battery or co2 gas and balls made of special environment friendly plastic, players divide to 2 teams and each team player trying to shoot other team members. Team that eliminates other team wins the game. There are different game modes. Such as time attack, shoot the bunny, alien...


Rental product

For those who want to join the game, rental gear clothes, goggles, shoes and protectors are available. Now we have a new program for beginners. If you never played survival game before or if you just want to improve your skills join our Combat Training School

What is the different between Paintball & Survival game?

  1. Survival game rifles usually use battery power or CO2 gas, paintball rifles used 3000 PSI compressed air it is not harmful for nature.
  2. Survival game rifles use 6mm plastic BB bullets, paintball rifles use 17 mm colorful ink filed gelatin bullets. (Natural water based ink that not harmful for nature)
  3. In survival game if you get shot and nobody see it you can keep playing; in paintball you cannot do that because you are marked with the ink.
  4. In survival game solid bunkers are used to hide behind such as wooden boards, trees, metal objects, tires, etc, paintball game use soft bunkers made of PVC plastic filled with the air to prevent injuries during the game. 
  5. Survival game players usually wear camouflage clothes, paintballgame players have special cool clothes similar to snowboard wear.
  6. Paintball game is developing very fast. There are many sponsors and professional teams, also many local and international tournaments
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