Laser Tag

What is laser tag?

Laser tag is a game that similar to a survival game. In this game every player has a electronic rifle that shoots invisible laser and players divide to 2 teams and each team player trying to shoot other team members. Team that eliminates other team wins the game. There are different game modes. Such as team elemination, last man standing, etc...

Rental product

For those who want to join the game, rental gear: Laser gun and chest senser.

Laser Tag Rules

1- Players will divide in to 2 or 3 teams (red, blue, purple)

2- Everybody starts the game from start point

3- Player who gets shot 8 times is eliminated, and he needs to leave the field

4- No physical contact allowed

5- Hiding or covering the sensor with hand or any other way is prohibited

6- No lying down

7- No blind fire

8- Every time you get shot you will hear a blast noise

9- Once you get shot 3 times your chest sensor light will turn yellow

10- If you get shot 7 times means you have 1 life left and your chest sensor will turn in to red color (meaning critical health condition)

11- If you get shot 8 times you will be eliminated and your gun and chest sensor will be automatically turned off.

12- After getting shot you will not be able to fire for a 2 seconds that is the time you need to run and hide because the other team player will still be able to shoot you.

13- Maximum range for shooting is 60 meters

14- Do not reset your button in the middle of the game

Address: War Zone Chiba inzai shi moroto 2348
Phone: 090‐7194-1718